Concrete Leveling / Mudjacking

Concrete Leveling / Mudjacking

Mudjacking and concrete leveling are two names for the same procedure: It’s a method to repair just about any concrete structure, including your slab, or outdoor steps or walkways.

Mudjacking involves drilling small holes into the slab or other concrete surface. Each hole is only the size of a dime. We then use those holes to pump mud beneath your concrete, lifting and leveling it.  The “mud” is in fact a finely crushed limestone aggregate known as slurry, and it hardens and supports the concrete.  Mud isn’t always suitable. We can also use polyurethane foam to produce the same effect. Polyurethane foam can take more weight than mud.

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Why use mudjacking?

Mudjacking can address the real reason your concrete is starting to crack, sag, or sink: the soil beneath the concrete has air pockets inside of it, which means the soil isn’t strong enough to keep the concrete upright. 

Mudjacking is fast and cost-effective. Here in Ottawa the soil usually lends itself to the traditional mud injection, without forcing us to go to a more costly foam-based solution. In many cases, mudjacking is the most cost-effective solution for concrete repair that we can offer to our customers.  It means we don’t need to rip up the concrete and replace large sections.

In an outdoor setting, it even allows you to maintain curb appeal by ensuring all the concrete around your home remains the same color. (Replacing whole sections of concrete can’t do that, because it’s very difficult to mix concrete to match an existing shade.)

Bonus: mudjacking is eco-friendly. The mud is all-natural and doesn’t create additional waste for you to worry about.

How much does mudjacking cost?

We can usually get a mudjacking project done for less than $1200, but your specific costs will vary based on what you need repaired, the size of the job, and other factors. We can also tell you whether mudjacking is the right solution for your concrete repair problem, or whether we’ll need to consider another method to address the problem.

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