Concrete Foundation Pouring for New Construction and Additions

Concrete Foundation Pouring for New Construction and Additions

A home is only as strong as its foundation.  Most foundations can be repaired – and many need to be repaired at some point.  But the best way to avoid problems later and minimize upkeep costs is to get your foundation poured properly right out of the chute.  That’s also true if you’re adding an addition to your home.

Just Foundations in Ottawa will pour the kind of foundation you won’t need to think about much – one that’s solid to build on and that allows you to focus more on the rest of your home.

You can contact us today to pour the foundation for your new construction or addition, or read on to find out more.

What is the best foundation for an addition?

It depends on the kind of addition you’re building.  If you are adding a bedroom, a kitchen, or a bathroom, then you’ll probably need a poured concrete foundation.

If you’re building a screened porch then we’ll probably recommend a post-and-beam foundation. That is the same sort of support system you might see used on a deck. 

How much does it cost to pour a foundation for an addition?

Much will depend on the size of the addition you plan to make. We’ve done them for as little as $5,000 and for as much as $13,000.  Of course, we don’t know your situation, so the next step is to set your budget is to get a free, no-obligation quote from us. 

What is the best foundation for a new home?

It depends on whether you want a basement or not.

If you don’t need a basement, then a slab-on-grade foundation can be a very strong choice. Because it’s not dug 6-8 feet into the earth, you’ll never have to worry about a flooded basement, and choosing this form of foundation can save you a lot of money. If you hope to add radiant heat to your home then a slab-on-grade foundation will support that type of heating system very nicely. Traditionally used for warmer climates, there are now ways to make those foundations resistant to the freeze-thaw cycle.

If you do want a basement, or if a slab-on-grade foundation is not suitable for the home you wish to build, then we usually recommend a poured concrete foundation.

We’ll consult with you about your floor plan, building materials, and land so as to help you choose the foundation that’s right for your home. 

How long after a foundation is poured can you build?

It takes 28 to 60 days for a foundation to reach full strength. The concrete needs to cure before it can provide the stability your home needs.

You may not have to wait for full curing to begin your build. Much will depend on the curing process, which in turn depends on the time of year and the weather. When you consult with us we’ll give you the right curing time for your build. You can add it to your construction timeline. 

How much does a newly poured foundation cost?

It will depend on the square footage of your home and the foundation type. Your foundation may cost anywhere from $5 per square foot to $60 per square foot.

To find out what your home will require, contact Just Foundations Ottawa today for a free, no-obligation quote and consultation.