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Concrete vs Cement: Information for Homeowners
We have noted there is an amount of confusion concerning terminology when discussing the pouring of concrete so we decided to compile a basic list of terms in this article so you have a better understanding of what concrete is as well as why it is used. Just Foundations is a company that operates with integrity and we want all homeowners to be as comfortable as possible before the work begins. Read More >

Three Basic Steps to Repairing Your Home’s Exterior
Cracks in your home’s concrete exterior are mostly caused by natural freeze-thaw cycles due to the climate we live in as well as structural integrity issues. Regardless of the cause, this is not something you should leave be for very long or ignore completely. This type of problem only has the potential to grow, which can result in costly repairs. Read More >

Water Proofing VS Damp Proofing: Know The Difference!
For homeowners who do not know about the actual construction of a house, foundation water proofing can be very confusing. It stands to reason if there is water in the ground and one’s home is built into the ground that it would naturally be water proofed. This is not always the case. The cost of building a foundation that is waterproofed comes with a substantially higher cost, and often builders will cut corners in this area to save money. Read More >

Buyer Beware: How to Choose a Solid Foundation Repair Contractor
Selecting a solid foundation repair contractor can take a bit of time, but in the long run you will be glad you did some investigating. Here at Just Foundations we’d like to walk you through an order of considerations we feel are necessary so that you make an informed decision on who will be taking care of your home. Read More >

Leaky Basements & Mold
A leaky basement is a problem common to many homeowners! Unfortunately, your basement may be a perfect haven for molds. Unhealthy mold and mildew needs a damp environment to grow, and a dark, wet basement contains the right conditions. This is most likely one of the last things you want, especially when the health risks are taken into consideration. Read More >

How to Choose A Foundation Contractor
The foundation is the most important part of your home, on which your house has been built. You have to take into account a number of factors while selecting a foundation repair contractor. You cannot trust a company simply because it advertises widely on the internet or in the yellow pages. Read More >
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