Three Basic Steps to Repairing Your Home’s Exterior


Cracks in your home’s concrete exterior are mostly caused by natural freeze-thaw cycles due to the climate we live in as well as structural integrity issues. Regardless of the cause, this is not something you should leave be for very long or ignore completely. This type of problem only has the potential to grow, which can result in costly repairs.

This is something that should be left to the professionals to assess and take care of. Below is an explanation of the steps that are taken by seasoned foundation specialists so you have an idea as to how the process works.

concrete exterior


There are many different reasons your foundation has developed cracks from climate to soil conditions to poor construction practices. It is critical a thorough inspection be done to determine the correct root cause. The type of concrete crack will aid in deciding what sort of materials will be required, and how much labor will be needed to fix the issue.


The inspection results will provide the type and size of the cracks. At that point a decision will be made as to which materials should be utilized. Generally it comes to a choice between epoxy, urethane and polyurethane to repair damaged concrete. This is another important reason this type of work should be left to the professionals. If incorrect materials are used the concrete repair will not last, and you’ll be facing the same issues down the road if not more.


Once the proper materials are obtained to fix the cracks in your foundation, specialists will fill the cracks, smooth them out, and then seal off the materials used to prevent water from entering and damaging the area again. Beyond any water entering your basement, fixing the damage will reinforce the strength and integrity of your walls.

It’s encouraged that you speak with a few foundation specialists to learn of their expertise, pricing and if they are able to provide solid references. If you do your homework you’ll receive superior protection from water damage to your home for many years to come.