Block Wall Repair

Block Wall Repair in Ottawa

Those who don’t have a poured concrete foundation generally have a block wall foundation: a series of stacked cinder blocks that fit together like bricks.

The advantage of a block wall foundation is that typically it can hold more weight than a poured concrete foundation. That is why you’ll often see block wall foundations on larger homes. Unfortunately, those grout lines form hundreds of tiny little gaps that can widen over time.  Eventually snow, ice, and water work their way inside and begin cracking the foundation. Leaks start to form, and then the entire foundation gets less stable.

You can contact Just Foundations Ottawa today to repair (or parge-coat) your block wall foundation, or read on to find out more.

How do you repair a block wall foundation?

It depends on what the problem is.  In some cases, cracked and loose mortar can simply be removed and replaced, sealing up leaks and reinforcing the foundation.

In the most extreme cases, we will need to rebuild the entire block wall. We might also recommend adding structural reinforcement, which can take some pressure off of or redistribute the weight on your foundation, so as to keep your foundation solid long-term.

How long can a block wall foundation last?

The lifespan of any given block wall foundation or repair can vary wildly, depending on any number of factors. We can extend the lifespan of your block wall foundation repair by filling the blocks with cement, adding structural support (like columns), improving your drainage, and more.

When does a block wall foundation need repair?

The first sign is usually cracking, or leaking through the walls.

You may also have foundation issues if you have trouble opening doors and windows in your home. This is a sign that the house is not sitting on the foundation the way it used to, shifting the pressures on your joists, sill, and other framing.

Cracks in the walls and ceilings can be another sign of damage that needs to be addressed.  Buckled walls are a sign that your foundation needs immediate attention. You have a serious foundation issue that could damage your entire house and cause danger to you and your family. 

How much does it cost to repair a block wall foundation?

Depending on the level of damage that your home has sustained, we can often fix block wall foundations for anywhere from $1000 to $3000. Some heavy-duty foundation repairs that run higher.

Foundation damage is a huge problem that can lead to many other problems in your home – and expensive foundation repairs. The good news is that foundation repairs are covered by homeowner’s insurance, depending on your policy.

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