Foundation Crack Repair Ottawa

foundation crack repair ottawa

With the passing of time, houses tend to settle and shift which can cause cracking in the foundation. A foundation in need of repair compromises the structural integrity of your home and increases the probability of water entering your home during periods of heavy rain or snow melt. Your best defense is to seal these cracks from the outside before they grow larger and become more hazardous.

Cracked foundations Cost you Money and Affect your Families Health

The longer you leave the problem unattended the worse it will get. The cost of minor repairs pale in comparison to the expenses associated with major foundation and structural repairs. There is an old saying “A stitch in time saves nine.” and it comes to foundation repair nothing could be truer.

Our Ottawa foundation repair team at Just Foundations Ottawa uses hydraulic cement to seal these cracks, a far more permanent solution than other expanding spray products on the market today. All of our work is guaranteed.

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