Weeping Tile Systems / French Drain Excavation, Installation, and Repair

Weeping Tile Systems / French Drain Excavation, Installation, and Repair in Ottawa

Weeping tile systems, also known as French drains, can help you redirect ground-level and underground water away from the foundation of your home.  Despite the name, there aren’t usually any tiles in a modern weeping tile system. Instead, you’ll find a series of plastic pipes that take in water through “weep holes” drilled in them.  Those pipes discharge excess water away from your home.

You can contact Just Foundations in Ottawa today to dig and install or to repair your weeping tile / French drain system, or you can read on to find out more.

How does a weeping tile system work?

A weeping tile system is simple: A plastic pipe with small holes gets buried in gravel, usually parallel to your foundation. The small holes in the pipe allow the water to flow in. Contrary to what you might assume, the holes are on the bottom of the pipe. Water flows through the pipe at a gentle pitch and away from the house.

Water is the biggest enemy to your foundation, and a weeping tile / French drain system helps by keeping your foundation from sitting in ground water for long periods of time.

Do you need a weeping tile system?

If you have a weeping tile system and it’s plugged then you absolutely need to get it repaired. The fact that someone else had this system installed says that you have a problem with ground water. Letting your weeping tile system get plugged or damaged is a good way to damage your entire location.

Here in Ottawa the climate tend to produce a lot of excess groundwater, particularly in the spring. Most homes in this area need a weeping tile system, or would benefit from one. Many also require a sump pump. Some combination of the two, along with a good gutter system, go a long way in keeping the basement safe, dry, clean, and comfortable.

A weeping tile system is often vital if you want a finished basement, because it will keep your home from getting clammy and humid. 

How much does a weeping tile system cost?

The cost of weeping tile installation or repair will depend on excavation depth and accessibility. It also depends upon the perimeter size of your home. Some installations and repairs are quick and simple, whereas others may cost as much as $15,000.

We can’t make guesses without seeing your home, what it needs, and what you hope to accomplish.

What we can do is offer you a free, no-obligation quote so that you can find out for yourself what it will take to waterproof your basement and protect your foundation and the rest of your home for many years to come.