Crawl Space Pump Installation

Crawl Space Pump Installation

A crawl space pump can prevent your basement from flooding, or mitigate excess water already there.  Moisture can threaten your foundation and your whole home, which is why we install these pumps in homes across Ottawa.  They protect your home from mold, mildew, warping, and rot, which makes them a wise investment in any home with excess water.

If you notice standing water in your crawl space then you should consider installing a crawl space pump immediately.  A little standing water today could be a home-threatening flood tomorrow.  The rain and snow we get here in Ottawa makes moisture control vital in all homes, including yours.  Your crawl space pump may also help keep your home safe by removing pressure from the crawl space walls. This removes stress from your foundation and helps to prevent the need for costly repairs later on.

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How much does a crawl space pump cost?

Crawl space pumps are very affordable, and inevitably are more affordable than foundation repairs and other repairs you’ll need if moisture gets out of control in your home.

In general, we can install a crawl space pump for $500-1000 if you don’t need a sump pump pit. If you do need us to dig a sump pit, then it should run around $1000. The pit is vital, because that’s where the water is held until the pump sends it back outside. It does this when the water level gets high enough, sending it through a hose that we install to divert the water well away from your house.  We can tell you if there is an existing sump pump pit when we come to do your free estimate. 

How dry will a crawl space pump make your crawl space?

Our sump pump installation should keep your crawl space completely dry. We do this by choosing the right pump for your crawl space and by ensuring that it’s installed perfectly the first time. This includes burying the lines at the proper depth so they don’t freeze when temperatures plummet.

We also recommend installing battery-operated back-up sump pumps so that the crawl space stays dry even when harsh winter weather may cause a major power outage.

As long as you continue to maintain the crawl space pump properly by having us check it for you (ideally twice a year) this installation should put an end to any crawl space moisture control problems. 

How long will a crawl space pump last?

When properly maintained, a sump pump should last up to ten years.

Does your crawl space need a pump installed?

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