New Foundations

New Foundation Pouring & Construction

Building a new house or new addition in the Ottawa area? Start your build off right with a solid foundation laid by the experienced staff at Just Foundations Ottawa. A solid foundation is by far the highest priority to ensure your home stands the test of time

If your foundation is improperly constructed, the integrity of your home will be compromised. A well-built foundation:

  • helps prevent shifting and settling
  • resists soil changes due to varying climate conditions
  • maintains property value
  • protects the integrity of your home

Repairing a compromised foundation once a house has been built can be costly. Getting a rock-solid foundation from the start can also enable you to make your basement dry, pleasant, and inhabitable from the start. Ask us about basement waterproofing, window wells, and parging.

Have peace of mind that your foundation is done right. Begin your build with Just Foundations Ottawa.

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